The Duality of Belonging

During a conversation about a recent project I was working on it was put to me that we are all searching, trying to belong.  I don’t think I have but it made me question whether or not I might be, had been or should be.

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I am a multi-disciplinary artist working across media within post-digital and socially engaged approaches. I combine digital and analogue media, including photography, moving image, spoken word and music, to construct sculptural, installation and 2D works that explore and question the layers of meaning, information and misinformation in media communications that program societal values and attitudes. towards, status, material possessions, and personal appearance. I am particularly interested in how such communication is often used to reinforce public perceptions of ‘the haves and the have nots’ and denigrate minority groups. My practice is inspired by social and political issues within Western culture, primarily focused on the digital and built environment, identity, behaviour and commonisms.  Much of my work explores causality from mass control, neo-liberalism, capitalism and consumerism.